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The Heritage

The Heritage

Bee Cheng Hiang takes its root in Singapore in 1933, where an enterprising street hawker peddled the streets of Chinatown selling freshly barbequed meat. Business was especially brisk during festive seasons for this high quality traditional delicacy, which Mr Teo Swee Ee introduced as ‘bakkwa’. 

Through his passion for calligraphy and divination, he created the Bee Cheng Hiang brand name, 美珍香。

Each character is composed with nine calligraphic strokes, signifying brand longevity and a representation of the Bee Cheng Hiang experience. Visitors to our shops are treated to the sight, smell and taste of our products.


Barbecued to perfection, our tantalizing-looking bakkwa is a feast to both the eyes and stomach.


Besides looking utterly appetizing, our tasty bakkwa simply leaves you yearning for more of its wholesome and delicious taste


What’s good food without accompanying aroma? The irresistible aroma of our bakkwa complements and accentuates its great taste.