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About Us

Dancing Wolves is the wine arm of Bee Cheng Hiang group, We love our French Bordeaux wines, which is robust and captivating especially when paired with our Bakkwa. That is why we remain committed to import only exceptional quality labels at a great value for you, our esteemed customers, so that you may appreciate this beautiful wine experience too.


Our Philosophy

Our dedicated wine specialists travel to Bordeaux, France, to handpick every label. Having established good relations with the Chateaux (Vineyard), we carry a range of exclusive labels, in limited quantities. When it comes to best quality and affordable price, you can be assured that every bottle you enjoy from Dancing Wolves is second-to-none.


Our Storage

From bottling and packaging each label at the Chateau, and having them shipped directly to our warehouse, delicate care is taken every step of the way. We ensure that these labels are transported in refrigerated containers throughout, and properly stored in temperature-controlled settings. Sealed with professionalism and confidence, always.


I want my wine experience with Dancing Wolves

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FB: @dancingwolves IG: @dancingwolves1933 to understand more about our brand history, our vintages, and why we think Bee Cheng Hiang’s Bakkwa paired with wine is absolutely a match-made-in-heaven. You may even score yourselves some good wine deals too!

Better still, drop by our Bistro and wine cellar at 1359 Serangoon Road to wine-and-dine. We will cheers to that, any time.