Our Corporate Philosophy


Product offer is underpinned by commitment to quality and innovation


We make all our products from scratch and use only the freshest quality ingredients to ensure that Bee Cheng Hiang produce the best. Stringent quality controls are carried out so that customers can purchase the product bearing the Bee Cheng Hiang brand with ease. 



Through sheer hard work and an enterprising spirit, the company and its core product has since evolved with the times and expanded its offerings to include prawn rolls, crispy pork floss, cuttlefish, mini crunchie to name a few.


Bee Cheng Hiang is one of the pioneers to herald the purchase of traditional products to a specialist store, our extensive range of products incorporates accumulation of ideas including the harmonization of bakkwa and floss with different texture and flavours to suit the masses.

Pioneering the introduction of an indoor barbeque pit, we have led the market with strategy deeply focused on innovation and product quality. This practice has since became an industry standard.



Besides guiding the development of new products, Bee Cheng Hiang develops products that work and taste good at the same time.

Bee Cheng Hiang is the market leader in the barbecue meat industry and strives to continue to providing quality products and services to the global markets.





As the largest & longest established market leader in Singapore, we at Bee Cheng Hiang place great emphasis on our customers' needs. We build trust by offering products and services that match consumer expectation and preference.

This over-riding principle guides us in our service-orientation towards our customers.We want our customer with or without purchase to leave our outlet feeling happy.