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Sliced Pork



Sliced Pork


Lovingly made from premium pork hind leg, deliciously marinated with our traditional secret recipe, and barbecued to perfection, Bee Cheng Hiang's succulent and delightfully smokey Sliced Pork bakkwa is an all-time favourite of bakkwa lovers!

Experience a blast from the past with our traditional secret recipe, unchanged since 1933!

No artificial preservative, meat tenderiser, flavouring, colouring and MSG added.

Available in packets of 600G and 1KG.

Other flavours: Minced Pork, Gourmet Fusion, Golden Coin, Gourmet Bakkwa, Gold, Chilli Pork, Chilli Gourmet, Sliced Beef, Sliced Chicken, Chicken Coin.

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Sliced Pork

Bee Cheng Hiang’s signature Sliced Pork Bakkwa is an all-time favourite for Bakkwa lovers.
A premium cut using only hind leg meat,
every slice of Bakkwa has been meticulously marinated and barbequed to perfection.
Its unique flavour and taste will have you coming back for more!

Our Bakkwa Contains:

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